House Framing Charleston, SC

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First Team Construction, Inc. framers can construct, erect, install, and repair structures and fixtures made from wood and other materials. Our framers are involved in many different kinds of construction. From the framing and building of decks to the construction of commercial buildings, we do it all.

First Team offers professional house framing services to Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, Summerville and the surrounding areas.

Each framing task is somewhat different, but most involve the same basic steps. Working from blueprints or instructions from supervisors, our framing experts first do the layout—measuring, marking, and arranging materials—in accordance with local building codes, they them cut and shape wood using hand and power tools, such as chisels, planes, saws, drills, and sanders, and then hey then join the materials with nails, screws, staples, or adhesives. In the last step, framers do a final check of the accuracy of their work with levels, rules, plumb bobs, framing squares, and surveying equipment, and make any necessary adjustments. Some materials come prefabricated, allowing for easier and faster installation.

Our framing experts may do many different carpentry tasks, or they may specialize in one or two. Our Framers remodel homes and other structures, for example, need a broad range of framing skills. As part of a single job, they might frame walls and partitions, put in doors and windows or build stairs. First team Construction Inc framers are able to switch from residential building to commercial construction or remodeling work, there is no project they won’t be able to handle efficiently and professionally.




  • Trim
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Garage
  • Additions
  • House


  • Building
  • Playhouse
  • Deck
  • Sunroom
  • Living Room