When you are getting ready to decorate your new home, one of the first decisions you will need to make is the type of flooring you want. The floor is a major focal point in all homes, so it is important that you choose carefully. Before making a final flooring selection, you may want to keep a few things in mind:

Is the Color of the Floor a Priority?

Some people get very excited at the thought of having a multitude of color in their homes, and their flooring is no exception. Many homes have flooring in a rainbow of colors through the use of wall to wall carpeting or colorful laminate. However, you want to keep one thing in mind if you are choosing a colorful floor—resale value. If you ever plan to sell your home someday, keep in mind that some people may not be as big a fan of color as you are. To stay on the safe side, consider using a more neutral tone on the actual flooring, and then add colorful throw rugs for that splash of color.

Do You Have a Busy Family?

Many families today are very busy with small children and pets to take care of. When you are choosing your flooring, you want to remember to choose something that will match the lifestyle of your family. Pets and small children can be pretty tough on some types of flooring, like porcelain tile or carpeting. Tile can be very fragile and carpeting is easily stained. The best types of flooring for a home full of kids and pets are hardwood laminate or even linoleum. These are easy to clean and much more difficult to damage.

Do You Want a Specialized Floor?

There are some homes that have very intricate, patterned floors. Others homes are filled with reclaimed hardwood that was painstakingly harvested from all over the country. These floors serve as a major focal point in a room. If you want something like this in your home, consider looking for some unique patterns that do not clash with the rest of your interior. Using wider wooden planks or placing tiles in a herringbone shape on the floor are two great ways to add some character to your flooring.
Interior decorating is one of the most fun parts of building a new home. If you have any issues or questions about certain types of flooring, be sure to ask the flooring professionals before you make a final decision.