Creative Remodeling Ideas For Your New Home
Home remodeling is very much in trend nowadays as more and more people move towards refurnishing or renovating their homes to give them a completely different look or to add resale value. Most people want their homes to look different from those of others and this will require a lot of creativity which is now available, thanks to a whole new generation of home planners, designers and creative thinkers. Some of the best creative ideas for home remodeling have been mentioned below.
Displaying the Books under the Stairs
This is a convenient way of showing your book collection to the visitors and at the same time, making a good use of space, which would otherwise be wasted. The method of constructing racks along the base of the staircase and keeping your books there makes them convenient to use and display and also makes a really interesting visual. The idea is that instead of simply closing off the frame below the step, you instead utilize it as shelf space.
Making the Living Area Lower Than the Rest of the Room
This is another innovative way of setting apart a portion of your house and making it really attractive. Elevating a section, or dropping another also adds to the illusion of more space. The living area having the sofas and the table should be made at a slightly lower level as compared to rest of the room which would make conversation much more cozy. Also, it would make the area look more spacious and comfortable. Building and installing a “stage” type platform before finishing the floors can easily accomplish this.
Build a New Home for your Pet
If you have a pet cat, dog, or other animal wandering freely, and would like to give it its own room, you can make a home for it under the stairs. This is very uncommon and would definitely set your house apart and also make the area under the staircase properly occupied. Typically this area is either closed off entirely using drywall, or converted into an almost useless storage area. Also, it is the duty of a proud and loving pet owner to give their furry friend a proper home, and what can be better than building them a house in a house?
Consider Making a Secret Room

A secret room is indeed a wish for many people and remodeling a house can make it possible to creatively build a secret room. You can consider making a secret room underneath the stairs, where you enter by lifting a couple of stair upwards. Or you might have a bookshelf-covered wall, which might have a secret handle to open the door to an entirely hidden room behind the wall. Such things are indeed a good addition, and easily accomplished once you’ve got an idea of where you’d like to put it. Secret rooms can be as easily added as a second bedroom. All it takes is a little partition, some drywall, and a touch of imagination.

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