Charleston Construction Consulting For:

Litigation Support
When you need a dispute to be resolved, you need clear consise information. Our Testifying and construction consulting professionals can analyze your dispute situations and provide a technical assessment to reach a resolution, wheteher you have a mediation, arbitration, or need expert testimony, we have a service to support you in the dispute process. Construction Consulting Associates will provide expert testimony and help you navigate the litigation process, we can work with your attorney or recommend a construction attorney for your claim.[/fusion_old_tab]

Third-Party Inspections
Construction Consulting Associates can perform onsite inspections and quality assurance observations to help you ensure your Construction project is going as planned, Our consultants will document your construction site per visit to keep record of each phase of construction. We will give you direct feedback about the quality and workmanship through every phase of construction, our reports will help your project superintendant attend to any action that may need to be taken care of.[/fusion_old_tab]

Accessibility Construction Consulting
Our innovative process to accessibility compliance through our Accessibility consulting program helps to mitigate risk and makes sure accessibility is done right to make sure your business or home has met its Accessibility goals. We will make sure your products are usable and meet the Section 508 Standards and the ADA, WCAG2.0 Standards.[/fusion_old_tab]

Building Codes and Zoning
Construction Consulting Associates code consultants offer a valuable service to home builders,contractors, developers, owners and architects who need accurate information on the application of building codes.

We can provide plan reviews for compliance with:

  • Fire prevention
  • Life safety
  • Accessibilty regulations
  • Structural Regulations
  • Saftey Regulations
  • Egress Regulations
  • We review your plans so that items can be corrected prior to your bid request.
  • Written documentation is provided to explain the code issues.
  • We provide assistance with permit applications and plan review correspondence.

This service has proven to be a major time and money saver on many projects.[/fusion_old_tab]

Progress Inspections
Using a format developed in cooperation with several lending institutions, Our Construction Consultants can provide an affordable and cost effective package of construction inspections to verify the level of completion for disbursal of loan funds. We perform site inspections at critical phases of construction to evaluate the level of completion and to check for general conformance with plans and specifications. Our written report with recommendations is provided to the client in a timely manner so that the contractor’s funding is not unduly delayed.[/fusion_old_tab]

Property Loss Inspections
Some of the Items we have to perform for a Property Loss Inspection:

  • A site visit to construction or loss location.
  • Recording and doccumenting the extent of damage.
  • Photo of damage sustained.
  • Dimensional layout of the home or building.
  • Reconstruction estimate.
  • Roof Inspections.
  • Hail and storm damage accessment.
  • We can write your claim in Xactimate to match most Insurance Carriers Requirements.

As independent and experienced construction consultants, we work primarily for Hoemowners, Building Owners, Adjusters, Insurance Companies and Examiners. Our experienced construction consultants will arrive at the loss location with the needed manpower, tools and equipment required to properly document the extent of the loss in a timely manner. We perform a full site investigation to photograph and document the building size, construction materials and the amount of damage to the original structure. From this information we can develop a Scope of Restoration / Reconstruction and the cost to restore the structure to pre loss condition. The scope of work and estimate can be further developed to provide separate cost impacts for Restoration, Code Upgrade, Renovation and development of the Actual Cash Value.

Per you request we can review and verify remediation / restoration contractor’s and construction contractor’s estimate and invoices for correct scope of work and accuracy of the billing for work completed. This work can expose pricing differences, excessive labor and material, renovation work beyond the loss, and billing oversights saving you unnecessary overpayments on the claim.

Why Choose Us?

From the very start of the planning stage of the project all the way through completion, we are committed to being part of the team. Most projects require several people to be involved and we understand and are part of that process.

We assist with every aspect of that process by evaluating alternative solutions and providing creative ideas to find the best solutions to the project’s challenges. Our clients do participate in that same process every step of the way, controlling the design and achieving the goals of the project’s schedule, quality and budget.