Basement Finishing Ideas

Most of us use our basements for storage or as a dump for our used and antique goods. For years the place remains locked, opening only when we need to put some other junk in there, and on the rare occasion of pulling something out. However, with changing times, basements have been given a greater and more useful outlook by the planners and many creative designers. Basements can be used for a number of other purposes also as they are an essential part of every home, and can significantly increase the value of your property if finished.
As Your Favorite Past Time Location

The essential man cave doesn’t have to be in the garage anymore. The basement can be converted into a convenient location for your pool table, your video game consoles, reclining chairs, beanbags, or your location for reading books or writing in peace. The basement is generally not considered as a productive part of the house and hence you and your friends can have a gala time with some installations in this less-than-visible part of your home. Also, this is the perfect place for having your occasional parties, an in-home gym or for allowing your kids to host some sleepovers.

Entertainment Arena

The basement is usually a secluded spot in the house and so you can also use it as your entertainment area, where there is minimum disturbance. You can design and renovate your basement, install a home theatre or a projector and make the place complete with some sofas, a mini-fridge, and some end tables. Then you can have a movie hall experience in your own home and enjoy with your friends or family. All this and because it’s in the basement your neighbors won’t even complain about the noise.

A Relaxing Area
The one convenient idea that you can make out of your unfinished basement is to use it as a relaxing area and design it for your own self. Having suave interiors, minimum furnishings, comfortable bedding and installations and dim lights all along the interior will surely help you spend a calm and peaceful afternoon or even stay alone for some time. The place can give you respite from all the troubles and daily works. Your own place to “get away from it all.”
A Bar cum Lounge

Much like the popular pubs and restaurants you’ve frequented, you could have your own bar and lounge experience in your own basement. Replete the area with bar chairs, recliners, sofas, and a few neon lights, and before you know it, you’ve got something out of a Cheers’ episode. This can serve as your party place on weekends or for spending some quiet moments with your family and friends. Medium bright lights along with a lively design and color can really change the look of your basement.

It is important to keep in mind that when required, you should always hire a professional general contractor in the Charleston, SC area. If you want to install some pot-lights, or do excessive wiring – the safest thing to do would be to call an electrician. An improperly wired basement could potentially lead to an electrical fire, or worse.