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How to Choose the Best Type of Flooring for Your Charleston Family Home

Hardwood Floors Charleston

When you are getting ready to decorate your new home, one of the first decisions you will need to make is the type of flooring you want. The floor is a major focal point in all homes, so it is important that you choose carefully. Before making a final flooring selection, you may want to […]

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Tips for Building a New Home in Charleston

Are you looking to build a new home in the Charleston, SC area? Here are a few things to consider before you get started: Footing Are footings continuous under all foundation walls? Do they have two or more steel re-bar? Foundation Is foundation plumb and square? Does wall thickness correspond with code requirements with respect […]

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How To Paint a Room

Painting is, by far, the simplest means of giving your space a facelift. With the right tools, materials, and a bit of patience, you can get professional results yourself. Some people go as far as saying painting can also be considered therapeutic. First things first, you will need to get organized. Make sure you buy […]

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4 Ideas for Perfect Kitchen Remodeling

4 Ideas for Perfect Kitchen Remodeling Kitchen remodeling has captured the attention of homeowners, as more and more people want to fit in all their appliances together and at the same time, make it look beautiful. It’s also one of the first places to start if you’re intending on flipping your home. The main factor […]

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4 Bathroom Remodeling Tips for Your Charleston Home

Tile Your Charleston Bathroom

4 Bathroom Remodeling Tips for Your Charleston Home If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, you ought to make sure that the new one is absolutely awesome and stands out from the traditional bathrooms, or else your remodeling is not really worth it.  This is also a thing to seriously consider in the event […]

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Basement Remodeling Ideas

Man Cave Builders Charleston

Basement Finishing Ideas Most of us use our basements for storage or as a dump for our used and antique goods. For years the place remains locked, opening only when we need to put some other junk in there, and on the rare occasion of pulling something out. However, with changing times, basements have been […]

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Creative Remodeling Ideas for Your New Charleston Home

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Charleston

Creative Remodeling Ideas For Your New Home Home remodeling is very much in trend nowadays as more and more people move towards refurnishing or renovating their homes to give them a completely different look or to add resale value. Most people want their homes to look different from those of others and this will require […]

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